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A Faith & Lifestyle blog providing High-Value Muslim Women with Inspiration and Aspiration.

Our ethos is simple:”to nurture the believing heart with all that it needs to help it find its way home to its Maker”

The heart becomes rusty due to two matters: negligence and sins

and it becomes illuminated with two things: seeking forgiveness and Dhikr (mindful remembrance)

Ibn Al-Qayyim


Together we will explore and reflect on matters that soften the heart,

gladden the heart,

strengthen the heart

and expand the heart.

From Islamic Reminders, Marriage and Family matters, to Parenting, Wealth Management, Mental and Physical Wellness, we talk about it all!

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We strive to cultivate for ourselves and our readers; a forever-home mindset.

Being intentional about where we want to end up in the afterlife, means we put in the work here in our temporaray home.

This means seeing and seizing every opportunity as a means to building that forever home in Jannah Al-Firdaos in shaa Allah.

Whether that be in the way we approach Homemaking, Tarbiyyah, Ettiquete, Modesty and our Islamic Adab,

or in all those fabulously feminine things that we all love to indulge in every now and again.

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