Take it or Leave it

By Sara F
March 4, 2022

Yesterday, my 7-year old daughter was working hard on her World Book Day costume because I had laid down the law that I wasn’t going to spend a penny on WBD costumes this year. Been there, done that (far too many times). The kids had to get creative with their costumes. My daughter; ever resourceful, took this as a challenge and set about making her costume. Halfway through painting a lightning bolt on her costume, she came into the kitchen to ask for my advice.

F: “Mummy, do you think I should paint a black background all over my white top and then paint the lightning over it, ORRR… should I just paint the lightning directly over the white top?”

M: “I think a small lightning over the white top should be fine, honey. The black background could go wrong.”

F: “Hmm..I don’t know. I like the black background idea thingy, mummy.”

M: “Well, that’s my advice darling, you can take it or leave it.”

F: “Ok then, I’ll leave it mummy.”

And she turned around and walked away.

Spatula in hand, I watched her as she walked back to the dining table to continue her work.

I’ll be honest; I was shocked, amused and slightly offended. I can’t believe she didnt take my advice! She didn’t even think twice!

However, I also respected her for it. It shows that she is no pushover. And, in fairness to her, her idea was brilliant! Afterall, lightning does look more striking on a dark night. I only gave her that advce because I was worried about her execution and her probably getting black paint all over my table🙈.

This was a parenting-first for me and it gave me some insight into the mind of my brilliant daughter and her incredibly high self-esteem; Allahumma Baarik.

Seeing your children grow into fully-thinking, rational individuals reminds you that you (the parent) are but a guardian/mentor and that the hearts of men are truly in the hands of Al-Khaaliq.

Of course we pray for obedient children who will value our opinion and counsel, especially when it comes to matters that truly matter. Afterall, as adults, we will always have the advantage of experience over our children. And that isn’t something any child should dismiss flippantly.

Have your kids surprised you lately?


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  1. Mojirayo Khadijah says:

    MAA Shaa Allah! Brilliant girl! May Allah increase her in knowledge and understanding.

  2. I admire your courage to share your truth about your parenting experience ♥️

    1. Ma shaa Allah. Thank you xx


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