By Sara F
December 9, 2021

Hope is the active recognition that despair won’t have the last word


Don’t despair.

Have hope that your dreams will come true

That your aspirations will be realised

That your effort will bear fruit

And, most importantly, that your Duaa will be answered.

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  1. Habiba Daniyan says:

    Ameen Ya Arhamar Rahimeen. May we be steadfast in our deen and have more faith in Allah.

  2. Mojirayo Khadijah says:

    Aamin yah Robbi

  3. Hadiza Sanni says:

    Reassuring. Thank you!

    PS: we really miss you

    1. 🧡🧡 I miss you too! But I’m always here and thank for always checking in xx 😘

  4. What a wonderfully beautiful reminder! I needed this! Jazakullahu Khayran for sharing <3

    1. Oh I’m so pleased that this came to you at the time you needed it most! Alhamdulillah.
      Aamin wa anti fa jazakillah 🧡

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