By Sara F
December 9, 2021

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  1. Habiba Daniyan says:

    Ameen Ya Arhamar Rahimeen. May we be steadfast in our deen and have more faith in Allah.

  2. Mojirayo Khadijah says:

    Aamin yah Robbi

  3. Hadiza Sanni says:

    Reassuring. Thank you!

    PS: we really miss you

    1. 🧡🧡 I miss you too! But I’m always here and thank for always checking in xx 😘

  4. What a wonderfully beautiful reminder! I needed this! Jazakullahu Khayran for sharing <3

    1. Oh I’m so pleased that this came to you at the time you needed it most! Alhamdulillah.
      Aamin wa anti fa jazakillah 🧡


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