The training wheels are coming off…

By Sara F
May 12, 2021

Come Salatul Maghrib tonight, the training wheels will come off. The shayatin will be let loose again and the real test of consistency will begin. Right from the day of Eid, the time-wasting mindless entertainment that you shunned for the past 30 days will come back to tempt you. The music and unnecessary free-mixing between the sexes that you stayed away from during the month of Ramadan will come back to you in the form of “celebration” on the day of Eid. 

Here’s a reminder for myself and for you:

The point of Ramadan was not to “pause” all of our bad deeds and heedlessness. 

The point of it was to train us to press “Stop” on the bad and consistently keep our hands on the ‘Play’ button of all the good deeds and Taqwa that we have attained in the month.

“Eid (celebration and rejoicing) is not really for the one who gets to wear the nicest clothes or eat the best food. Eid truly is for the one who has received the forgiveness and the pardon of Allah in the month of Ramadan”

Abu Mansoor Ashirazee

We’ve worked so hard at this blessed training camp and restrained our Nafs for 30 days. Let’s not throw it all away now in the name of “celebration”. The best way to show gratitude to The One who gave us the privilege to witness and worship during the month of Ramadan, is to celebrate in obedience to Him and in a way that will be pleasing to Him.

Eat, be merry, celebrate and keep it Halal. 

Eid Mubaarak🎉🎉🎉

Taqabballahu minn wa mink. Aamin

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  1. Mojirayo Khadijah says:

    Aamin yah Allah!!🤲


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