Muslimah Advisory: Explicit Content

By Sara F
January 12, 2021

You ask a lot of parents (including myself) and they’ll tell you that they watch and pay attention to the media that their kids consume-like a hawk!

Ask them why, and they’ll tell you it’s because they wish to protect and preserve their children’s innocence. As they should.

These same parents (including myself, in the past) will see the same advisory on the content of the things they’re watching and completely ignore it.

Sex?  “Yeah, why not? If it’s really bad, then I will just look away or fast-forward”

Nudity?  “Ehh, at least it’s not full-frontal, right?”

Language? “Does anyone even care about the occasional swear word anymore these days? “

Violence?  “It’s all fake, I know that person isn’t really being stabbed”

Why do we, as Muslim women, believe that our innocence is not worth protecting? We won’t let our children watch these things, yet we continue to consume these media that taint our innocence and modesty? And when the scholars talk about the damage of pornography to the soul, we are like ‘well that’s got nothing to do with me, so…..🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️

Really? When does it qualify as porn? When it’s marketed as such? Or when the actual organs are visible? That’s where we draw the line? Is that our standard now? 

I have been hearing a lot about a so-called viral drama on Netflix and everytime I google it, literally, MOST of the results that come up in the news and on Twitter is about the countless ‘steamy sex scenes’. Never mind the shameless ‘thirsting’ on some of the actors done by women (inc. muslimahs) who have binged this series and come on social media to ask their followers for more recommendations on what to binge next. 

We are not even trying to hide our sins anymore.

Just becasue we are old enough and legally permitted to engage in sex as married Muslims doesn’t mean we’ve been granted permission to watch other people simulate sex acts on TV. The eyes are the window to the soul. Guard your soul. 

And more than anything, let’s remember that our limbs (and eyes)  will testify on the day of judgement. May Allah give us the strength of will to resist the pressure to ‘do what everyone is doing’

Some of these stuff is unavoidable, yes, but 13 hours binge-watching a sexually explicit show on Netflix is not an accident.

And we have the audacity to go on Twitter, perched on our undeserved high horses, to criticise the Muslim brothers for not lowering their gaze! Iwo nko, Aunty?


If it’s bad for the kids, then it’s bad for the mums.


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