My 30-day challenge (Week II). #joyfuljune

By Sara F
June 12, 2020

Another week has gone by in the month of June and it’s been one of continued protests, tearing down of statues and some positive and long-lasting political reform in some parts of the world. So, it’s been emotionally up and down, for those who have been following the news.

For me, my #joyfuljune challenge isn’t about burying my head in the sand and pretending as if everything in the world is hunky-dory. No, this is a challenge about intentionally sifting through all the heaviness and bad news to find the joys in everyday life. It is about staying informed and actively engaging without absorbing the energy. So, here are the 5 things/people/situations that brought me joy this week.

1. Moments of Solitude, Peace and Quiet; before the whole family wakes up.

2. Lunchtime Salads eaten at home in proper crockery without worrying about who’s getting annoyed by my crunchy chewing. LOL

3. Qura’an recitations that take me back to a happy time and a blessed place. Press Play to Listen…

Imaam Maher Al Muayqli reciting Surah Al Faatihah

4. Faces that light up when I walk into the room

5. Giant Pandas! – This was unexpected as I had never really paid much attention to pandas. Just by pure kismet, I came across this video about Pandas and it made my whole day yesterday because Giant Pandas are these hilariously greedy, lazy and cuddly bears that are almost too cartoonish to be real. In short, Giant Pandas are a whole mood. Press play for some joy and laughter!

And that’s it! My second week of #joyfuljune was a hoot and I loved every minute of it. A moment of intentional mindfulness for the purpose of seeking the joys in everyday life can make a big difference to your whole day. Try it!

See you next week!


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