A Review: The amazon echo dot 3

By Sara F
May 14, 2020

Product: Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation (Smart Speaker with ‘Alexa’)

Price: £34.99 *

Star Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Review: “Great for quick and easy family-fun

I want to say that the Echo Dot is my first foray into the world of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) but I realise that I have been using Apple’s ‘Siri’ since 2012! Can you believe A.I has been with us in that format for that long?

Anyway, I find lengthy Amazon reviews a bit annoying so I will spare you the drawn-out drivel and just give you a simple Pros and Cons list for you to consider if you are thinking of getting yourself or a loved-one a smart speaker. The Echo Dot is the smallest member of the Amazon Echo Family and can be seen as an entry-level product for smart speakers. I have had mine for over 5 weeks now and these are my own unbiased opinions on the product.


  • Great for family entertainment by way of Trivia Games, Jokes, Audiobooks and Children’s Stories. It will keep your jokes and stories child-friendly if you ask it to. This has been a life-saver in the current lockdown/WFH/Homeschool situation
  • Good for organisational things such as Reminders, Shopping Lists, Weather Forecasts, Traffic News and News Headlines
  • If you’re worried about it uploading your conversations to the cloud, there is a ‘mic mute’ button to help with that. Not sure if this is a Pro or a Con actually 🙂
  • The Alexa ‘Skills” – This is where the Echo Dot really shines. The “Skills” are like apps that you can enable or disable on your device and they are voice-enabled capabilities that bring the smart speaker to life! With “Skills”, your smart speaker can remind you of Prayer times, call the adhaan, recite the Quran, Read you a recipe, help you workout or meditate and so much more!


  • This is a personal con and might not be applicable to other people, but the Echo Dot is very much designed for music-lovers; which I am not. It has easy connections to apps like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. When i want to play my own Audio content, I just use it as a Bluetooth Speaker for my iPhone.
  • The voice recognition could be better in some of the “Skills’ especially the Quran skill. Understandably, it will struggle with Arabic words but the developers could do a bit better on that front.
  • This last con is my biggest gripe with the Echo Dot. It doesn’t have an internal battery, which means it has to be connected to a power source. For something so small that can fit comfortably in my palm and my handbag, I was disappointed to find that it doesn’t come with a battery option! The size of it suggests that it could be easily moved from room to room within a home but you’d have to unplug it every time you wish to do that. But then again, I suppose the whole idea is to have you purchase one for each room 🙃. I know Amazon have the technology to do this for the Echo Dot but they are probably reserving that feature for the 5th Gen or something. (I am not sure if they have this feature on the other Speakers in the Echo range though)


If you’ve been thinking of buying a smart speaker, has my review helped you make a decision? And if you already have one, please share your experience with me! I’d love to know your thoughts

*Price at time of publication. I bought mine at a reduced rate. Prices for this speaker goes up and down quite regularly.

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  1. Great info here sara, thanks for the review. The mic to cloud thing prevents me from investing in these. The phone is enough as it is. But the features you outlined are so tempting!

    1. I know! I struggled with that issue as well, but I decided to buy it because i needed a speaker in the living room for mine and the kids’ Hifdh. But it has been a fun addition to our living space; for the kids mostly.


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