Eid gifting? Here’s 5 things you need to keep in mind!

By Sara F
May 6, 2020

1. It’s the thought that counts

As Muslims, this couldn’t be more true. All our actions are judged by the intentions behind them and so when we give or exchange gifts amongst ourselves, we have to make sure that we are doing it for the right reasons. We give and exchange gifts with our loved ones and our friends, not because we want something in return, but solely for the sake of Allah and to get rewarded by Him. An added bonus is that the Raul Sallalahu alayhi wa salam tells us that it helps the love between us grow.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Exchange gifts, for it increases the love between you”,

2. Manage Expectations:

As parents, there can be a fair bit of pressure to “spoil” our kids with presents for Eid. After all, we only get two Eids in an Islamic Year so we should go all out for our kids, right? NO! We don’t need to. In the Qur’an Allah reminds us to always do things within our capacity, especially when it comes to spending. Be honest and open about your capabilities to yourself and to your children.. (I’m not asking you to show them your bank statement 😊. Set yourself a budget and let your children know how far you are willing to stretch the purse. Then, stick to that budget! It is absolutely unnecessary to take loans or borrow from friends and family all in the name of giving our children Eid Presents

“Let the man of wealth spend from his wealth, and he whose means has been restricted- let him spend from what Allah has given to him.

Surah At- Talaq vs 7

3. Let them choose!

After you’ve set your financial boundaries and told your children how much you’re willing to spend, you can amp up the excitement by letting them go “shopping’ on a website for kids and choose whatever their hearts desire!! You can filter the search on the website to ensure the results that come up don’t exceed your budget. This way, your children will feel a part of the process. It also means that there will be no complaints or comparisons amongst siblings because each child picked what they wanted. Just be prepared to police the door everytime your doorbell rings for a delivery and remember to hide the presents well! You still want your children to excitedly unwrap their presents on the day of Eid!

4. Ask! Ask!! Ask!!!

 Following on from the point above, I think it is very much socially acceptable to ask close relatives and loved ones for what they would actually love to have as a present. I love surprises as much as the next person, but what I love even more is a gift that I actually want, like and will use. Wastage is something that I hate so much, but I will also not use something that I don’t like or have any use for. So please, ask the recipient if you can, before you purchase something that might end up in the bin or the charity pile and end up hurting people’s feelings. If it is not possible to ask the recipient, then I think gift cards are the next best option.

5. Give the gift of memorable experiences, if you can.

This is more geared towards adult recipients (but could also work for kids). Clothes, Toys, Perfumes, iPhones and Video Games will get old pretty quickly. But experiences provide memories and emotional attachment that stay with us forever. So consider gifting your spouse/friend/sibling/parent a spa day or a mani-pedi/massage or a weekend getaway on the countryside, or a hot-air balloon ride or a super-car driving experience. I think they might appreciate these kinds of gifts a bit more than material things. I know I would! (😉). Obviously, these can be a lot more expensive than regular presents, but if you have the means, then by all means, do! 

Now that you’ve got that out of the way, it is time to focus on receiving the greatest gift of all which Allah has promised us this blessed month; the Night of Qadr! This is an opportunity never to be missed if one is alive and I pray that you and I are one of the successful people who receive the bounties of this powerful night. Aamin!

Love💛 and ✨Light



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