By Sara F
April 26, 2020

Has isolation helped you discover any hidden talents yet? If you have, congratulations!

I am still searching for mine. I’d like to say that I am now a DIY queen but I am quickly realising that I am still a far cry from qualifying as a DIY anything lol. But hey! you know what they say.. “celebrate the small wins”

So, in the spirit of celebrating small wins, here I am showing you a little DIY coffee table update I did earlier in March. I debated putting it up because it is FAR from perfect. But, we all have to start from the bottom right? (Well, most of us😊). This is nothing groundbreaking when it comes to updating IKEA furniture but I believe it’s a great place to start, if like me, you are new to DIY and upcycling.

Why should you Upcycle?

Upcycling is a relatively cheaper way of getting the colour, style and form of furniture that you want without the hefty price tag. Or, you can upcycle if you want to do a quick and cheap refresh of your home on a tight budget.

This is the IKEA Vittsjo Coffee Table and the design plan I had for it was to spray paint the black metal frame in Matte Gold and cover the wooden base in Gold Marble Furniture Cover. The table comes with a very heavy glass top that slots into the top of the metal frame but I decided to leave that in its original state.

Here is a list of all the items I used to transform my basic IKEA table into my preferred colour profile that matches most of the decor in my living room.


  1. Spread the dust sheet on the floor to protect your flooring from spray paint stains. It is advisable to do the spray-painting outside if you can as overexposure to the fumes can be damaging. If you can’t do it outside, make sure you wear face masks and leave the windows and doors open.
  2. Spray two coats of primer on the metal frame after placing it on the dust mat. The primer’s job is to help your chosen colour come out a lot crisper and brighter. Especially if you are spray painting a black surface. Leave about 5-7 minutes between each coat application
  3. Spray your chosen colour of paint after the two coats of primer feel completely dry to touch. It is advisable to start lightly and build up the intensity of the colour with multiple coats. Beware of drip marks when spraying!! I learnt this the hard way. My table is full of annoying drip marks on the legs because I was in a hurry to finish and laid the spray paint on too thick.!
  4. Leave the frame to dry. It will feel dry to touch in about 20 minutes but won’t completely dry until after abut 24 hours so please bear that in mind (again, I speak from experience )
  5. Whilst you wait for your metal frame to dry, cover the wooden base in your chosen colour and style of furniture cover. The applicator is great for getting rid of air bubbles so make sure to use that as you go along. It also comes with a handy pocket knife that helps you make precise cuts along the furniture sticker.

That’s it! A new table in 5 quick and easy steps! This is a good time to embark on some DIY projects or pick up a hobby (blogging?). You never know, you might discover a hidden talent! As for me, my search continues…It felt good knowing that I could do this on my own but if I am honest, I love buying my things new.🙈🙈

Here are some pictures of my table after styling it and taking pride of place in our living room.

(If you do try this at home, please tag me and send me pictures of your effort. It doesn’t have to be perfect.)

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  1. Great one friendship mi 👏👍 I actually made some which is on Decoration and also put them up for sales and realized some money from it till now.


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