Our new normal

By Sara F
March 22, 2020

If I am honest, I don’t know how my husband and I will be able to work and teach our kids at the same time, but, I am choosing not to worry about that until the time actually comes. But, because I get overwhelmed very easily, I always try to prepare for change as much as I can. Although, I think we might end up in couples’ therapy when this is all over! Haha:-

Anyway, here are some of the things I’m doing to prepare for the coming weeks (or months) of Social Distancing, Working from home and Home-schooling!

  • Making Room:  Although our living space is not so huge, it is big enough for all of us. I will have more peace of mind and less anxiety about the state of our living space if we all have designated corners and tables for our work and school. The Husband and I can work from the dining table, no problem.
    The new workspace
    The new workspace

    The kids however, need their own space. So, we have moved out one of the bookshelves in our living room and put a table and chair (both from Ikea) in its place for both kids.

  • Scheduling: Like I said, I get overwhelmed quite quickly and so the only way I function properly and effectively is to have a schedule. Even if I don’t always follow it, the fact that it’s there gives me comfort. I have always had a daily schedule for my kids but we follow it quite loosely because of school and other extra-curricular activities.Now that schools and clubs are closed, I will have to be more intentional and disciplined with the way we spend our time.


  • Planning ahead: I want to remain consistent with my blogging and be at my best in my day job and the easiest way for me to do that is to plan ahead. I currently have about 7 posts in my draft folder that aren’t exactly done but are solid skeletons that will only need fleshing out in the coming weeks. The same thing goes for my Instagram posts. I am also coming to the end of my Professional Qualification course so hopefully that will free up some more time for me to blog better and plan my children’s learning without feeling like everything is spiralling out of control.


  • Discipline with food and drink: Even though we have a zero-tolerance policy on wastage in our home, unfortunately we became a bit lax somewhere along the line. I am determined to turn things around this time and use this period as a great way to reinforce gratitude and conservation to our children again. Granted, it is hard to teach minimalism when all you hear in the news and see in the shops is people buying and hoarding food like it’s the apocalypse, but we try our best to model the behaviour we want to see. What I have always done anyway was to restrict their snacks to one per day. And it was always after school they had it. Now, they get to choose which snack they want and when they want it. But that’s about it. Leftover dinners will be reheated and eaten the next day, with absolutely no exception.


  • Finally, Breathe…:     love romantic bath candlelightIn the end, we all make our plans and Allah has His plans. There is no benefit in stressing and fearing the worst when we have no control over even the air that we breathe. I have a mindfulness app on my phone that I go to whenever I find myself feeling like I’m failing my kids, failing in my marriage or in my job or in my faith and devotion. When that voice gets too loud and I can’t shut it up, I just close my eyes (or put on a sleeping mask), light some candles and do a guided meditation. The kids join in as well and I believe it will be great for them to power down and handle the cabin fever.




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