By Sara F
March 2, 2020

I have to confess; my relationship with my hair has become a love/hate one.

But, it wasn’t always this way.

At first, it was all love! Especially during my teens and early twenties. If I can say so myself, it was the jewel in my crown of ‘beauty’.  I loved my hair and it showed

I don’t know if it was the hormonal changes of pregnancy and childbirth, or the dry-as-Sahara desert air of my host country, or the harsh and chemically-treated water that came out of the taps, or the lack of hair salons that catered to my privacy needs and still knew how to care for my hair…

But somewhere along the line, my hair stopped loving me back:-(

I did the best I could for it but it was not enough. I didnt know many people who could give me advice or refer me to African Hairdressers and I made a lot of mistakes which exacerbated the problem. And every time I pulled out a massive wad of broken, damaged hair from my comb, my heart sank a little bit

So I stopped trying. I acted like it wasn’t there.

But even then, I couldn’t ignore it for long because i loved it so much. I have tried to go natural twice ( epic fail) and then back to relaxers even more times (bigger epic fail) And, I have also taken extreme measures (which weren’t taken lightly at all).

So what’s the point of this sob story lol? I guess it is to not give up on the things and people you love. Especially when they seem to be rebuffing all your efforts at reconciliation. I hope to take my own advice and keep fighting for my hair, against all odds.

Was that a bit dramatic? What’s your relationship with your hair?


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