Tend to your garden

By Sara F
April 14, 2019

To all my fabulous single sisters! Be like Maryam. Don’t sit around waiting for that “righteous Muslim man that will help me with my Salah” or “that will motivate me to fast” or “teach me about Islam”! Don’t do that! Go out there and develop your own relationship with your Lord

When Allah talks about Maryam in the Quran and he extolls her virtues of devotion and prayer, He doesn’t mention her husband’s role in it. As a matter of fact, we don’t even know if Maryam ever had a husband (but Allah knows best). What we do know is that SHE was mentioned and recognised and honoured in the Quran by her Lord. (check Surah Al-Imran and Surah Maryam)

So sis, reach out to Allah and take the advice that He gave to Maryam:: “Devote yourself to me, and bow along with those who bow”

Be devout, establish prayer and be in the company of those who do the same.

In the abridged words of another fabulous Muslimah called Naima B Robert:: “don’t go into marriage as a barren thirsty land waiting to be nourished and tended to. Go into it as a rich, green and thriving garden ready to share its fruits and benefits”


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