And now there are three…

By Sara F
February 4, 2012

As salaam alaykum warahmatullah!

Look who’s back! Alhamdulillah for all His na’im (mercies) over me and my family. I am finally back from my seemingly never ending hiatus. I apologize for my absence and inconsistencies, may Allah forgive us all. I know a lot of my readers have moved on but hopefully, Inshallah I will regain your ‘followership’ (for lack of a better word) back.

Okay! ‘daff ‘roll please:-) I have good news, alhamdulillah. Allah has given us a pleasant addition to our small family. Imraan was born at 1.05pm on the 9th of January. My husband and I couldn’t be happier and more fascinated. It was a roller-coaster nine months gestation period and delivery was equally eventful, but he’s here and that’s all that matters. It would be an understatement if I said my pregnancy was hard; frankly, it kicked my behind! It is one of those painfully rewarding things that you hear people talk about. Anyways, I believe adjusting to my new life is going to be full of stories, laughter, tears, contentment, love and the whole nine yards! I already have so many funny stories since my son was born that I don’t even know how to fit them all in here to share with everyone. Just the other day, my husband looked at Imraan for a while and said “hmm, new toy! where are the batteries”! He is a funny one, my husband!

Jokes aside though, being a parent is a LOT of work and unlike toys, children don’t come with a manual! Allah’s guidance is what gets one through each day. I pray, sincerely from the bottom of my heart that Allah grants all who seek this wonderful gift and trust from Him, their heart’s desire.

“Our Lord! bestow on us from our wives and our offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqun” Amin.


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  1. there’s always a story behind every pregnancy but not all live to tell it.praises toAllah for making you one of those who lived to tell theirs.may you live in good health,joy and happiness to tell it to Imraan himself,his siblings inshaAllah and their children.

    1. Aamin. thanks sis. called you last night u didnt answer…

  2. ArabianPrincess says:

    The cute lil’ hands tugged @my heart. May Allah facilitate his upbringin’! I’m sure Imraan has got it all havin’ U as his mum cuz I have same experience havin’ U as a friend. Ease + Barakah from Allah….xoxo always!

    P.S; Hope U wont be abandonin’ me 4ur new toy now dat U have bounced vak?

    1. U are so sweet maashAllah ‘sweetmuslimah’ thanks for d dua and kind words. May Allah help us with his upbringing.
      How can I ever abandon my peeps?? This heart is big enough and there’s enough love to go round all my habeebs:-)


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