By Sara F
February 10, 2011

A lot of people say they don’t mind being criticized as long as it is ‘constructive’. I am one of those people. But even as much as we know that everyone would not always agree with the choices we make and that no matter how much we think we are correct, someone would say we are not. And that’s what makes life the way it is. Variety is the fabric of human character and dispositions. So, why is it that when someone criticizes our actions or choices  ‘constructively’, it still stings just that little bit. We understand that we can’t all see things from the same perspective,  sometimes ,in fact, we know that this person is actually critiquing our ideas or actions because they care about us and we also know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But still, it stings. So, how do you react to criticism? Do you shrug it off mindlessly after the brief moment of painful realization that someone is raising an eyebrow at what you do? , do you let it get to you so much that you begin to second guess yourself? do you take a moment to rationally consider the other person’s viewpoint and accept that you were maybe wrong? or do you rationally consider the other person’s viewpoint and still stick to your guns?

How do you react to criticism? Is there a right way to react to criticism? What is it about you that people the criticize the most.

I get this a lot: ‘ You keep to yourself too much and you are kind of a snub’.

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  1. People tell me that I talk too much,that I don’t know how to talk and that I am lazy.May Allah perfect our characters for us-Amin

    1. Amin. Lazy? You? Oga o.

  2. ArabianPrincess says:

    And if I may ask, what is ‘constructive’ about ‘criticism’….As for critiques, I really do not blame them cuz they do that just 2put ‘US’ in check and I mean pple who can go beyond boundaries and not care whose ox is gored…k!
    I as a person, do not lyk being criticized and I have never taken it too well tho…So, I get comments ranging from ‘She’s a nice girl’, ‘she’s got good taste’, ‘she likes men’, ‘she a snob’ up till ‘ a frown is her permanent make-up’ & I just wonder, why would someone sit somewhere and think about my life or acts when they’ve got theirs…Still beats my imagination tho!

    BTW…’I talk a lot’ and now dats criticizing ME…lol!

    1. I must say that what caught my eye here is the comment ‘she likes men’! It’s actually funny:-)
      People criticize for so many reasons; jealousy,sincere concern, spite… But I suppose we all do it once in a while.
      So dearest sperelicious, u dnt take criticism too well?

  3. ArabianPrincess says:

    Abt Oke being Lazy…cant say but r being ‘alapa ike’, I concur…lol!
    Fowo’…I will only swallow a criticism when I kw dat I have actually done wrong or when its done not 2ambush or lambast me but 2make me see reason…so get!

    BTW, I spelt ‘snub’ as ‘snob’ in my earlier post, hope I dont get criticised…:-)

    1. Actually I spelt wrongly. It’s a verb when it’s spelt with a ‘u’ and it’s a noun when it’s spelt with an ‘o’. So u were right.:-)


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