By Sara F
January 7, 2011

This is probably the most felt emotion that I have had ever since I moved to the United kingdom with my husband a few months ago.
Back home, folks would probably think that I am crazy.I mean, all I ever do when I call them is complain, complain, complain! I complain about the weather, the cold and distant citizens/ neighbours, the unfriendly faces, the ‘driving on the wrong side of the road’ thing( I have had to literally close my mouth from saying something embarrassing like: ‘you are driving on the wrong side of the road’ when I’m travelling on a bus)….and so forth.

They would think I am crazy because NO ONE comes to the U.K from Nigeria and complain about anything. I mean, back home, people would kill to get a chance to come here. Millions of people in Nigeria think that getting a chance to come to the U.K is moving on to greener pastures; which might as well be true- for them!

As far as I can tell from my experience, it’s not true at all- for me! I don’t see anything especially special about this place at all. I am not trying to be cynical here, but seriously, I just don’t see it. I mean sure, you get to see nice retail outlets, inhale the ubiquitous stench of fresh and stale cigarette smoke( if you’re into that kind of thing), stable electricity, fast Internet….on- time travel schedules( which could be a blessing or a curse- I have experienced both!) and so forth.

So, all these things were stuff that I wish we had back home(except for the second hand smoking). Those were the things I thought would make us all happy people. But, apparently, I thought wrong. I mean these things might be good for the nation’s economy and progression, but it definitely isn’t the harbinger of happiness; not for me at least. I believe happiness is something you have to find and define for yourself. It shouldn’t be what your friends or parents tell you, definitely not what your president tells you; you have to find that for yourself. Be it your faith, your job or the absence a job, your family, friends, whatever.

I had to travel across the ‘waters’ to a land far far away!( I am such a drama queen!), to find my happiness. Seriously now, what I am trying to say here is, I didn’t realise how happy I was living in a country where you had to shop in noisy, rowdy markets, be attacked daily by the ubiquitous stench of sewage waste:), travel in buses that shouldn’t even be fit for chickens, or drive like it’s a freaking James Bond movie because everyone is in such a mad rush ALL THE TIME because believe me, you do NOT want to get stuck in a Lagos traffic jam,or plan to spend 2hours to watch a 3minute funny video on YouTube because the speed of the Internet is absolutely ridiculous,( we are very patient people),or feel a sense of apprehension when you’ve had an uninterrupted 12 hours of electricity- the fallout could be a 3-day black out punishment!

As depressing as this may sound to anyone else, I really miss that place because it’s where my home is, where my family is, and where my happiness is.
Where is yours?

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  1. so i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get used to living there or to get out of there as soon as possible! good luck! 😉

    1. thanks for d kind words. I’ll keep my fingers crossed too:)

  2. faatimah bint shaakir says:

    the fact that am actually part of that home which you miss so much makes me feel very special and at the same time guilty that i neva really showed you how much i care,luv u sis…….always.may Allah unite us upon goodness

  3. guilty ke?? no way. You are the best!
    Amin ooo.

  4. I dunno what to say,I tink we human beings are just “born-complainers”.trust me sarah,if u were here wit us in naija u will still complain.However,I understand dat d weather can be really cold and dat U.K nay be somewhat “islam-unfriendly” which is not d best 4 we muslims.All in all Sara,pls make d best use of ur stay in d U.K and please STOP complainin perhaps dat will make u notice the very many positive sides of d U.K.Allahu musta’an

    1. yes, u have spoken the truth. I complained while I was in Nigeria too.
      May Allah make us grateful and patient slaves. Grateful for what he has given us out of His mercy and wisdom,and patient with that which he has kept from us also out of His mercy and wisdom.
      thanks a lot sis for d advice.


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