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By Sara F
January 7, 2011

whosoever puts his trust in Allah shall have no fear nor grief


I have always used this ayah as a reference whenever I find myself in a dilemma or any difficult situation. However today, I understood the depth of this verse; especially the part of fear and grief.

First of all tawaqqul means putting one’s trust in something or someone.

As human beings, we are afraid of a lot of things; especially the fear of loss of something we have or that of not achieving something we desire. For instance a wealthy man is afraid of losing his wealth, an intelligent person afraid of losing his intellect/ skill/ talent etc,a man afraid of losing his property and family…and the list goes on

Conversely, a woman might be nursing a fear of possible infertility, some others might be afraid of never getting to their desired status in life, others are afraid they might die as bachelors or spinsters….and this list also goes on.

Grief is a feeling of sadness, remorse or regret over the loss of something or the failure to achieve something.

Putting one’s trust in Allah guarantees him/her the good tidings of never experiencing either of these destructive and overwhelming feelings. I use these words(destructive and overwhelming)because all you need to do is to look at a man who is afraid of losin his wealth- He works like a dog, he monitors the stock market,he has his bank manager’s number on speed dial- he is completely overwhelmed and controlled by his manic fear of losing a penny of his ‘hard earned’ money.

And you also only need to look at a woman who lost a husband or child and watch her try hard – often without success, to battle her overwhelming feeling of grief and depression.

So how does your trust in Allah protect you from all these obviously normal and human,albeit destructive feelings?

It is because you are aware that He who put you on his earth has decreed your provision even before you were born. It is because you are confident that whatever has been decreed for you will Never Ever miss you, it is because you know that even if the whole world were to gather together to cause you harm, they would never be successful except with that which has been decreed for you. It is because you know that we all came from Allah and to Him we shall all return( even if it breaks your heart to let go of your beloved husband or child or loved one).

Therefore, you are free from paranoia because you know that scary looking black bird that flew over your windshield making an awful noise is only one of the countless creatures of Allah singing his praise; and not the extra terrestrial form of your sworn enemy who has come to cause you an accident.

That said, Allah has allotted our share of this world to us and we are commanded to look after it. So, you definitely would try to protect your wealth, family and property; but you will do so with a sense of calm, confidence, tranquillity and assurance that what is yours will be yours. You go about your daily activities armed with ayat al Kursiy and the Muawwidhatayn knowing that Allah is your protector and you also ask Allah to grant you patience in times of adversity or loss.

Because it is not sufficient to say ‘I trust in God’ and not get up off your lazy behind but still hoping for provision and riches. It doesn’t work that way. Even though it is nothing beyond God’s powers. I mean, if He wanted our food to fall from the sky, He could do that. But, he has given us our own part and told us to trust Him to do the rest. This way we are well balanced and well rounded human beings- which is what our God wants us to be. Neither dying of fear of the unknown and working like crazy nor oozing of lazy nonchalance!

Note:- this is not an attempt at delivering a tafsir (explanation)of the ayah mentioned above, as I am not a mufassir(as if)! Lol. It’s just a thought I’d love to share. Feel free to be ‘enlightened or enraged’! 🙂

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  1. Wala haula walakuwwata illa billahi


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